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My name is Sean Lathrop and I live in Hawaii with my wife and children. I did not seek to become a 'healer', but rather the healing work came to me. About 25 years ago, I started having strange experiences where I would rest my hand on my wife's leg while she slept and I meditated. I began to feel rushes of of energy flow through my body and then my wife's body would shutter at the same time. At first, I thought it was either a strange coincidence or I was going crazy. Over time, I slowly began to accept that these experiences were something more powerful than the limited beliefs that I held. As a result, I began to observe the phenomenon and began my journey to attempt to understand the unique inner conditions inside of me that allowed for this flow of energy. Over the years, I have continuously expanded my knowledge and experience in harnessing these tools to help others. My one and only goal is to facilitate healing, higher awareness, and less suffering within all people, without regard to money. For these reasons, The Hopelight Healing Mission was created as a non-profit in 2012.

The Hopelight Healing Mission is an inter-faith, all-inclusive spiritual ministry dedicated to promoting peace on Earth through the awareness and advancement of spiritual healing and energetic healing. We believe that personal peace and world peace are inseparably tied to each other, and that one cannot exist without the other. Therefore, it is our goal to bring peace to the Earth by creating and supporting the spiritual conditions in which peace can thrive within the individual as well as within humanity as a whole. The Hopelight Healing Mission is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. 

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