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Remote Ghost and Entity Removal:

Clear Your Home of Unwanted Paranormal Activity

And Start Living Again

For 25 years, I have successfully helped people with spiritual cleansing to get rid of negative energy, ghosts, entities, and spirits. The process is done remotely and therefore is non-invasive, private, and effective. I believe that living in a harmonious environment is of the utmost importance and my intention in the spiritual cleansing sessions is to clear your home from unwanted energies to ensure peace and tranquility. Your home is a "container" and the energies within it play a crucial role in your daily life. The Remote Ghost and Entity Removal sessions go beyond conventional cleansing by removing negative energies that can disrupt the balance of your living space without anyone needing to come to your house. 

The cost of the clearing is on a sliding scale between $50-$200 per session, you can choose based on your financial situation:

If you are still unsure, please read on...

In my experience, there are very few practitioners out there that truly know how to how to get rid of negative energy from a home; however, I can say with confidence that I have had a great deal of success with clearing paranormal activity, ghosts and entity removal over the course of my many years of practice. 

Although I cannot guarantee results, these are some of the benefits that others have experienced:

Positive Energy Flow: Removing paranormal or negative energies that may be causing disruptions can create a space where positive energy can freely flow, bringing about more peace and abundance. 

Peaceful Atmosphere: Many people report experiencing a serene and calm atmosphere in their home, promoting relaxation and a sense of security after a spiritual cleansing. 

Improved Sleep: When you get rid of negative energy, it can allow you to sleep more peacefully and get better rest.

Enhanced Emotional Well-Being: Maintaining an environment with no paranormal activity allows for more positive energy, which can support emotional balance, reduce stress and foster a positive mindset.

Spiritual Clarity: Clearing your space from unwanted entities can enhance spiritual clarity and create a more attuned connection to your inner self.


Although many people unknowingly or unwillingly suffer from paranormal activity such as ghost and entity issues, there is no reason to keep dealing with these paranormal disturbances in your life. However, please be careful because there are many people online that make unsubstantiated claims that do not truly know how to get rid of spirits. I offer professional, honest assistance for your paranormal activity and spiritual cleansing needs. You can take a step towards changing your situation by booking a session below.

What about burning sage, incense, oils, and prayers? 

There's a lot on the internet about using sage, incense, oils, and prayer to help clear negative energy. While it is true that any of these things can be effective to help remove negative energy from your home when used by a true spiritual healer or shaman, they do not, by themselves, have the power to clear paranormal activity. It is my understanding that only true healers (whether professional or not) can unlock the power in these methods. We use these tools to help channel Divine Light much in the same way a musician uses an instrument to express the Higher Self. 

The reason why I bring this up is because many people reach out to me wondering why their attempts to clear paranormal activity with sage, incense, etc. does not work. I'm also often told that people have spent a bunch of money for spiritual cleansing with other healers and had no success. This is very unfortunate and while I'm sure that there are plenty of well-intentioned individuals out there, the truth is that there are a lot of people claiming to be healers when they probably shouldn't be. 

What sets me apart from others? 

Experience: With 25 years in the field, my expertise in spiritual cleansing and energy work has been tested and proven effective. I have helped countless people all over the world get rid of negative energy, bad spirits, and paranormal activity.

Holistic Approach: I believe in addressing the root cause of disruptions, creating a holistic and lasting transformation in your living space thru true spiritual cleansing. 

Respect & Integrity: My methods are rooted in sacred understandings and respect for both the energy of your home and any entities present, ensuring a smooth and harmonious removal process. I do this work out of service to the gift I was born with and not for the money. 

How does it work? 

I understand that it may be difficult to believe (because it took me years to believe it myself), but energy work can be done remotely from a distance and still be effective. The explanation for this is that energy is not restricted by the limitations of time and space because energy exists beyond the concepts of time and space...concepts which, ultimately, are limited constructs of the human mind. Here's how it works:

Once you book your session, I will be in touch with you to request a photo of you and your living space. At the time of your session, I will go into a deep prayer / trance-like state and use the photos to help connect with you and your space energetically. Once connected, you can expect the following:

Thorough Assessment: I will conduct a thorough assessment to identify and understand the nature of any negative energies affecting you and/or your home. I will "read" the signature of the negative energy to better understand its nature and share any information I can with you about it. 

Energetic Cleansing & Clearing: Utilizing the techniques that have resulted from my 25 years of experience and in coordination with the Most High, your body and your living space will be cleared of all unwanted energies. In addition, the energetic fields of your body and living space will be harmonized and attuned to the highest vibration possible. 

Protection Measures: This process helps to create a shield against future disturbances and to help maintain the spiritual health of your body and home by raising the vibration to a higher frequency than before. 




"Sean took care of this problem in 1 hour.  He is an amazing being and healer.  The Entity is gone.  I got a good sleep that night. That night I slept the sleep of the Kings." 




"Thank you from the bottom of my hear Sean for your healing. I was

indeed in a state of gloom and was not able to even give Reiki to

myself. Your healing energies did clear my blockages and other

possible negative energies. I am feeling much lighter and positive now. Will continue to practice

the love of peace and light and may God bless you in all good that you

do! Love and light returning your way <3"




"Thank you Sean...much love and gratitude...from my heart"




"Dearest Sean, Thank you so much for your time and your healing energy. Many Blessings"




"Hi Sean! I wanted to thank you for the healing energy that was sent to me. My days flowed so smoothly and everything was peaceful."




"Thank you so very much.  I am grateful for your teachings and for the healing."




"Thank You for your time, I am much better, before I used to have a very explosive reaction when I did sit-ups or stomach exercises, now I just get a small upset stomach, Thank You"




"I have Liked your Facebook Page, and also share it on my Wall (Moth Wings).  I have also raved and gushed about you to a childhood friend of mine, and suggested that she also request your healing assistance."




"Sean, thank you from the bottom of my heart! Sean was so responsive to my request, he performed the entity removal remotely the same day he contacted me. His instructions were so comforting and that made me trust him totally! After about 30 mins, the house was all cleared and I felt so calm instantly. Sean is very trustworthy and reliable. Highly recommend his service and help!"


"Working with Sean has been a blessing for me and my family. After dealing with 2 other healers in the past I think I’m qualified enough to say that Sean is a real healer. I was getting attacked constantly when I met Sean, the healer I was with could not stop the attacks. After Sean did my healing my enemies can no longer send black magic to me. Words can’t express how much me and my family appreciate Sean and his healing skills. I’m so glad God chose him. "

Disclaimer: While some have reported physical and/or emotional benefits from energetic healing work, there is no promise or guarantee of any particular result. Energetic healing work is not meant to be a substitute for medical treatment, nor as an alternative to medical advice. The Hopelight Healing Mission, nor any of its members, is not responsible for any individual's failure to seek proper medical attention.

The Hopelight Healing Mission is an inter-faith, all-inclusive spiritual ministry dedicated to promoting peace on Earth through the awareness and advancement of spiritual healing and energetic healing. We believe that personal peace and world peace are inseparably tied to each other, and that one cannot exist without the other. Therefore, it is our goal to bring peace to the Earth by creating and supporting the spiritual conditions in which peace can thrive within the individual as well as within humanity as a whole. The Hopelight Healing Mission is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. 

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